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Another Retail Product With Custom Labels


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Another Retail Product With Custom Labels

In a previous post I talked about the new custom label program from Heinz. You can order Heinz ketchup with your own message on it, and they will deliver your custom labeled ketchup to you in 4-6 weeks. I just received my bottle this week, after about a five week wait. Why it takes that long is anyone's guess, but we all know that big bureaucracies tend to move slowly.

Johnnie Walker scotch have a different twist on the same idea. When you register on the Johnnie Walker web site you can order a custom label with your own message (up to 3 lines). But instead of sending you a bottle of their product like Heinz do, Johnnie Walker will send you just the label, so you can apply it to a bottle you have purchased at the liquor store. Best of all, they are giving these labels away free of charge, up to 5 labels per person.

I think this is a smart move. With all the regulatory information regarding sales of hard alcohol, they couldn't really do what Heinz has done. But they are enhancing their brand by allowing people to create their own personalized labels to use as gifts. And we all know the Holiday Season is just around the corner.