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Animal Rights Group Calls Fowl on Foie Gras, Demands Labels


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Animal Rights Group Calls Fowl on Foie Gras, Demands Labels

Animal rights activists are calling for cigarette-like warnings labels on foie gras, a specialty meat that comes from overfed ducks or geese.

Foie gras products come from ducks or geese that are force-fed mash at farms to fatten their livers and make for better meat. The process induces a liver disease known as hepatic lipidosis, which often cripples or poisons the bird, SFist reports

The Animal Legal Defense Fund wants to force foie gras sellers to include a consumer warning label that reads: Foie gras products are derived from diseased birds. This would ensure consumers are aware of the process in through which foie gras is created.

"Today's petition, at the very least, alerts consumers to what they are eating. Just like someone buying a pack of cigarettes, consumers purchasing foie gras have a right to know what they are really buying, and to be warned about the risks involved," ALDF director of litigation Carter Dillard told the news source.

As a separate SFist report notes, foie gras is often considered a luxury dish, with restaurants charging more than $15 per order. In some states, restaurants are even banned from selling the product.