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An Apple a Day Keeps Pesticides Away with Organic Labels


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An Apple a Day Keeps Pesticides Away with Organic Labels

Labels are frequently attached to fruit so consumers can identify which company grew the produce.

However, the stickers can be an annoyance to buyers — they can be difficult to peel from the fruit and leave a bit of glue residue after being removed. Now, some fruit manufacturers have developed a new type of sticker that can be easily washed from the produce, Discovery News reports.

Scott Amron, an electronics engineer, has designed a fruit label that can dissolve into an organic fruit soap that removes pesticides, fungicides and water-resistant waxes from the product.

"I've always been discontent with fruit labels and felt they could do more than just display product info and be difficult to peel off," Amron explained. "We buy, wash and eat fruit. So, the wash step was the next thing the label should help with."

Innovative packaging, such as the labels designed by Amron, can help brands stand out from their competitors. By thinking outside of the box, product manufacturers may be able to capture more sales.