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AMA Denies Need for GMO Labels


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AMA Denies Need for GMO Labels

One of the big debates in the food industry is whether genetically modified ingredients should be included on product labels.

Recently, the American Medical Association voiced its opinion on the debate, siding against activists who are in support of the measure, The Los Angeles Times reports. The announcement came in the form of a 500-word statement that claims there's no scientific justification for special labelling of bioengineered foods.

Furthermore, the AMA decried any voluntary labeling systems unless they are supported by consumer education. The AMA also said the decision to include labels should focus on the characteristics of the ingredient rather than the process used to make it.

"The science-based labeling policies of the FDA do not support special product labeling without evidence of material differences between bioengineered foods and their traditional counterparts," said AMA board member Dr. Patrica Harris, according to the paper.

The AMA's stance is seemingly influenced by debates over "organic" and "natural" labels. They're subject to limited federal regulations, and continue to be a source of confusion for consumers.