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Almost 80 Percent of UK Homebuyers Ignore Energy Labeling


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Almost 80 Percent of UK Homebuyers Ignore Energy Labeling

Nearly 80 percent of UK homebuyers ignore energy efficiency labeling and recommendations made by Energy Performance Certificates, the Consumer Focus reported.

When people in the UK purchase a new home, they are provided with an EPC, encouraging energy efficiency. However, 79 percent of the people who receive these energy certificates do not take any of the recommended actions, Consumer Focus found in a recent study

A small figure - only one in five potential homebuyers - cited the energy certificates as having an impact on their decision to purchase or rent a property. However, one in seven people did say that a property's energy efficiency was its most important feature, aside from its size and price.

"Our survey shows that energy efficiency can influence people when choosing a new home," said Liz Laine, energy expert at Consumer Focus, uSwitch noted.

"But the information in the EPC is not helping people act on those concerns. With the 'green deal' just around the corner, these certificates must become a trigger for action, not just a sheet at the bottom of a huge pile of home-buying paperwork," she added.