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Allergic to Info: Consumers Could be More Observant


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Allergic to Info: Consumers Could be More Observant

Many Americans and Canadians don't heed allergy labels on foods, suggesting manufacturers could do a better job calling shoppers' attention to ingredients.

A study conducted by the McGill University Health Center in Montreal found that many products warn consumers in different ways about allergic reactions. This creates confusion for shoppers, with some labels noted to be less effective than others at clearly warning customers of potential dangers.

"We should narrow (various allergy labels) to only one which will be clear," Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan, a professor of allergy and immunology at the university, told Fox News.

For example, 44 percent of consumers living with people affected by particular allergies said they would still buy a product if it said "may contain trace amounts of (allergen)" and only 10 percent would not buy it.

Food allergies are serious concerns for many in North America, with 2.5 million Canadians and 15 million Americans suffering from various ailments. Reactions range from breathing problems to sickness, while some can even be fatal.