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All Vehicles to Feature New Fuel Labels by 2013


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All Vehicles to Feature New Fuel Labels by 2013

The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency have issued new fuel economy labels for cars and trucks. This move comes as part of the industry's greatest revamp in the past 30 years, according to The Los Angeles Times, and will start with vehicles made in 2013.

The decals will show the estimated annual fuel costs and compare each vehicle's environmental impact to that of other cars and trucks. The stickers much be apparent on all cars and trucks, whether they operate on gas, diesel or a mix of both fuels.

"Reducing our consumption and demand for oil is the best way to reduce upward pressure on fuel prices," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson in a conference call with the L.A. Times. "The old cars have become outdated. A new generation of cars requires a new generation of fuel economy labels."

The labels will display a host of details to prospective and current car owners. Included on the stickers will be the number of miles-per-gallon it will take to operate in a city versus a highway, the amount of fuel or electricity needed to drive 100 miles and how each vehicle compares to others in terms of smog, tailpipe emissions and fuel economy on a one-to-10 scale.

With consumers' growing concerns about climate change and sustainability, these labels will likely be a welcome feature.