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Alcohol Companies Chugging Away to Produce New Labels


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Alcohol Companies Chugging Away to Produce New Labels

U.K. alcohol companies are working quickly to prepare their ales, spirits and wines to make them compliant with new labeling regulations.

By the end of December 2013, alcohol companies in the nation will need to provide consumers with health information on their products' labels. According to a recent survey by the Portman Group, 80 percent of those companies will be prepared to do so by the deadline.

On the beverage labels, companies will need provide information such as sensible drinking guidelines and a warning concerning mixing alcohol and pregnancy. Currently, only 60 percent of alcohol producers are compliant.

"With 18 months remaining, I am confident that we will get there, but now is the time for drinks producers who haven't yet signed up to get on and do so," said Henry Ashworth, chief executive of the Portman Group. "The Responsibility Deal is a good framework for the industry to focus its efforts in this area and provide consumers with important health information on labels."

According to The Drum, the pledge is part of the government's Public Health Responsibility Deal. The companies are encouraged to provide a link to the government's Drinkaware website on the labels as well.