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Age Before Beauty: A Retro Look Can Help Sell


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Age Before Beauty: A Retro Look Can Help Sell

Nostalgia can be a powerful buying influence. When consumers have good memories of a brand or product, they are more likely to be partial to it.

By tapping an old look or design with their packaging, product manufacturers may be able to dig into that feeling of nostalgia to generate some extra sales. This tactic works better for some brands — if companies have a long history and a broad reach, consumers are more likely to have had previous experiences with them.

That doesn't mean that only businesses which have been in operation for dozens of years can use this approach. Sometimes a retro-looking package can make brands stand out, helping to generate sales in a different way.

"When the [retro] design elements are spot-on perfect replications, the product is given a legacy that allows the consumer to luxuriate in a nostalgic haze," The Atlantic notes.

Several brands use this strategy to their advantage. For example, Pepsi has launched throwback soda cans and even uses real sugar to replicate how the product was made years ago.