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Adjusted Labels Could Sway Consumers' Food Habits


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Adjusted Labels Could Sway Consumers' Food Habits

Many food manufacturers are altering their serving sizes to make foods appear to have fewer calories and less fat per serving.

According to a new report from the American Marketing Association, featured in the Journal of Marketing, consumers feel less guilty about buying and consuming products that have fewer calories and less fat — even if the serving size is exceedingly small, Medical Xpress reports. Food brands may want to consider this as they design labels and packages for their products.

"Consumers may believe that serving sizes are standardized, but manufacturers are allowed to vary both the size of their product offerings and the suggested serving size, a practice known as 'health framing,'" the news source notes. "Consumers who wish to compare nutritional information across product choices are confronted with a complex task, making it ... difficult for the average consumer to make informed decisions."

Conversely, it's crucial that food brands don't misrepresent their products, or else they may alienate their customers and fans.