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Addictive Painkillers Lack Informative Labels


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Addictive Painkillers Lack Informative Labels

Labels Don't Adequately Reflect the Affects of Painkillers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is conducting a two-day public hearing regarding opioid painkiller labels and the critical information they lack. The panel consists of 35 doctors who prescribe opioid​s and recommend labels include an upper daily dosage. Doctors also recommend the treatment period be limited to 90 days regarding the use of opioids for patients. There were more than 16,000 opioid overdoses in 2010, which is why doctors and family members are arguing for the change.

Current Labels Don't Relay Severity of How Addictive Opioid​s Can Be
Current prescription labels do not accurately depict how addictive this painkiller can be, advocates of enhanced labeling requirements argue. Proposed labeling changes would include eliminating the descriptive word "moderate" to describe the drug as the long term effects and usage of the painkillers can be severe for patients. Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) petitioned last summer to limit the prescription of opioid​s for chronic, non-related cancer pain. The long-term use of opioids for non-cancer patients has resulted in addictive behaviors and has led to many suicides and overdoses.