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Add Vegetable Oils to the List of Labels That Deceive Consumers


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Add Vegetable Oils to the List of Labels That Deceive Consumers

As consumers take steps toward leading healthier lifestyles, many have become conscious of the types of oils with which they are cooking. Often, they lean toward vegetable oils sporting labels with claims such as "natural," "cholesterol free" and "0g Trans Fat." However, these labels are notoriously deceptive.

Although grocers' shelves are stocked with canola, olive, soybean, safflower and a number of other oils, "vegetable oil" typically refers to soybean oil, The Vancouver Sun reported. Additionally a label claiming its product features no cholesterol is only trying to fool consumers who are unaware that only animal products contain cholesterol.

"The goal might be to attract those who are trying to lower their cholesterol who may not understand that vegetable oil doesn't naturally have cholesterol in it," Judy Hevrdejs wrote for the source.

Furthermore, it's solid vegetable oils that contain trans fat, not liquid ones, and the term "natural" could simply be a marketing ploy since oils aren't regulated by the government.

Food labels frequently confuse and mislead consumers. The only time the term "natural" is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration is when it appears on meat - however, it's frequently featured on a variety of products.