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A Huge Collection of Wine Labels


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A Huge Collection of Wine Labels


Over the holidays I stumbled upon this great collection of wine labels from all over the world. It may well be the largest collection of wine labels anywhere online. There are over a thousand different wine labels here conveniently sorted into around a hundred different categories.

If you are looking for inspiration for your wine labels or for that matter, any product labels, you can see some great examples here. The categories run the complete gamut, from violins (where I found the featured label above), to roses, sailing boats, ducks, snails and windmills and many more. You will see several examples of wine labels in each category.

It is a Swiss web site so European wines feature heavily, and all the wine labels have been scanned at a low resolution. But if you want to get some ideas to help you put your own labels together this is a great place to explore.