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A Giraffe is a Tall Horse


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A Giraffe is a Tall Horse


Mike Carter reported on his Serious About Wine blog today about the Tall Horse selection of wines. This South African wine has beautiful labels as you can see above, but what I like most about it is the shape. They have mirrored a label design and shape perfectly so that the bottles have a very striking impact. The designer here has decided to go to the extra expense of a special shaped label in order to attract the attention of wine buyers.

While we offer over 800 different label sizes, sometimes to add impact to your labels you want an unusual shape that is unique to you. Obviously this costs extra, because a special die will have to be ordered, but sometimes it will be worth the cost when you can create a striking design that will enhance your products appeal on the shelf.

The labels also create interest with their name and the illustration. The simple drawing is obviously a giraffe but the wines are called "Tall Horse." There is a story behind this that dates back to the early 1800's and a gift of a giraffe from the Sultan of Egypt to the King of France that the French called a tall horse. A good story and a great label design can go a long way towards selling more product and Tall Horse Wine is a great example of that.