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A Change Coming for Wine Labels?


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A Change Coming for Wine Labels?

There is an article in today's LA Times detailing some changes federal regulators are considering for wine labels. In the winemaking process there are all kinds of different ingredients used that can make their way into the wine and some federal regulators want these ingredients listed on the wine label. The wine industry is predictably against this idea but there are some consumer advocates pushing for the change.

There are widely accepted wine processing practices that use such animal proteins as egg whites to remove impurities. There can also be traces of fish, chicken and milk proteins in wine. Some of these proteins inevitably can find their way into the finished product. Personally I don't think this is a big deal, but for people who are highly allergic knowing exactly what is in their wine could help them make choices that will increase their enjoyment of wine.

Congress mandated allergen labeling rules for all food and beverages in 2004 and it looks likely that the wine industry will be impacted as well. This will mean a label redesign for all wine labels as they meet the new regulatory requirements. Depending on the final decision on the changes this could be a very costly exercise for wineries. Lightning Labels customers will be protected from some of this expense because we use only digital label printing, so there will be no extra setup or plate charges for making these changes.