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A 'Case' of Yuengling Beer: Artist Files Lawsuit Over Right to Use Label


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A 'Case' of Yuengling Beer: Artist Files Lawsuit Over Right to Use Label

A graphic artist has filed a lawsuit against beer company Yuengling, asserting that he was not paid for creating the beer's label.

The freelance graphic designer, Adam D'Addario, says in the suit that Yuengling is using designs he pitched to CEO Dick Yuengling Jr. in 2010 for its Oktoberfest beer labels, packaging and beer tap handles. D'Addario said he requested payment from the company, but it has not responded over the last year.

D'Addario says the labels are on nearly $14 million worth of Yuengling beer. If he were to win under the current suit, federal copyright law would entitle the graphic designer to a portion of the Yuengling funds for the Oktoberfest sales and an additional $80,000 D'Addario alleges the company owes him for designing the beer label.

"Yuengling has always been a star account," D'Addario said, who has designed nearly every label for the company in the past 20 years. "It was a very good relationship for an awfully long time. I don't know what happened, and why my relationship has ended."

D'Addario said he became aware of the labels he argues are his, when he saw a photo of Yuengling Oktoberfest on the beer website