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5 Tips for Designing Full Color Labels


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5 Tips for Designing Full Color Labels

The Psychology of Colors Source

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Easy Guidelines to Follow When Designing Labels

For some of us it’s overwhelming to acknowledge all of the necessary details when it comes to designing labels. There are so many essential components like color, text, and imagery that require careful placement and consideration on a label. In order to simplify the daunting task of designing a label, I've compiled a list of the top 5 design tips to focus on.

Our Tips on Designing Full Color Labels

1. Color choice is key. As the flow chart demonstrates, colors evoke different feelings and associations. The color scheme you choose for your full color labels should fit with the tone of your product. There are warm colors (i.e. reds, yellows, oranges) and cool colors (i.e. blues, purples, greens). Depending on the mood of your labels, you’ll also want to take color harmony and color contrast into consideration. Color harmony implies colors that are similar like reds and oranges or blues and greens, whereas color contrast implies opposing colors on the color wheel. The most basic examples of color contrast are red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. Using color contrast can help to make an image, graphic, and or text really pop! 2. Use high-quality images. If you’re going to use an image, you should always opt for the highest quality for your full color labels. Resolution matters and, depending on the size of your custom labels, you want the image(s) to be in focus when your labels are printed. A blurry, pixilated, or unclear image will not attract buyers. It’s crucial that the image(s) have clarity in their actual size upon your labels. Please refer to our label artwork specs for design file requirements. 3. Font & text matter. There are thousands of fonts to choose from, so get creative! Don’t use the common everyday fonts like Helvetica or Times New Roman, or even Papyrus. You want to create unique custom labels with their own unique font. Keep in mind that the font needs to be legible and easy to read in order to attract consumers. Also, what you write on your labels affects product sales. Use appropriate language and be relevant! If you’re designing custom labels for a product subjected to government regulations (i.e. food product labels and cosmetic labels), be aware of the legal guidelines for your labels. 4. Clarity & readability is essential. I touched on this above, but consumers have to be able to easily read and understand your label. Realistically, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the consumer. Your label design should stand out amongst other similar products by being clear and legible. 5. Assimilate your label design with other marketing messages. Here’s a new interesting thought: consider the design aesthetic of your website and/or advertisements and apply that same aesthetic to your labels. You’re building a brand and it’s important to keep it cohesive and consistent. It will be more recognizable if your labels and other marketing messages utilize similar colors, texts, images, and fonts.   Request a quote and order by Sept. 30, 2012 and receive 15%* off new label orders! Use code CELEBRATE. Good luck label makers! We can’t wait to see the great design ideas you come up with!  

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