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3 Ways Custom Labels and Stickers Can Make Your Product Gift-Ready


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3 Ways Custom Labels and Stickers Can Make Your Product Gift-Ready

Custom Labels and Stickers Make Your Products the Perfect Present for Any Occasion

No matter how many times we're told to not judge a book by its cover, our initial perception of items we see in stores and online is always influenced by custom labels and stickers. If consumers are unfamiliar with a brand and come across one of its products, they're only going to check it out if they're looking for the specific item or are pulled in by high-quality custom labels. This is especially true when shoppers are looking for giftable items.

Whether they're looking for a birthday present for Mom, a congratulatory box of chocolate for a friend or a small token of appreciation for a colleague or boss, items that are already gift-ready are sure to catch their attention. Buying wrapping paper, tape, gift bags and a card can be time-consuming and costly. Consumers who value their time and money and those who may be looking for a not-so-ordinary gift will flock to items that are already packaged as presents. You can attract shoppers to your brand by presenting your products in stores and online as gift-ready with the right stickers and labels.

3 Ideas for Gift-Ready Printed Labels and Stickers Because digitally printed labels and stickers are both aesthetically impressive and cost-effective, they're a great choice for any giftable product. Here are a few creative ways you can design packaging to celebrate any occasion:

1. Offer Products with Themed Labels for Different Occasions When manufacturers choose digitally printed labels, they're opting for a seemingly unlimited supply of colors, high-quality image and text displays and the freedom to create multiple versions of packaging stickers, all at an extremely affordable price. Because digital printing doesn't require using plates or printing presses, it's easy to order various designs in both large and small quantities. That means brands can test and produce even small batches of custom labels to celebrate any milestone.

Consider creating a basic design for your gift-ready packaging. Next, divide items into several groups and place phrases like, "Happy Birthday," "It's a Girl," and "Congratulations" with relevant images or illustrations on different products in each group. Shoppers will then be able to choose which message suits their gift-giving needs.

Manufacturers don't need to make five different versions of labels, though. Custom labels and stickers with a unique design, images of balloons or just the words "let's celebrate" are appropriate for a variety of milestones and can turn your product into a go-to party favor or gift.

2. Celebrate Seasons with Gift-Ready Product Stickers Because each season is associated with various holidays, product stickers that reflect weather, food, color schemes and other elements of each season are a great way to celebrate any joyous occasion, whether it's associated with gift-giving or not. While spring may have just begun, summer festivities are not too far off, and it's never too early to start planning your product's next label design.

3. Design Labels That Help Gift-Givers Say Thank You Following almost every major milestone celebration comes the mandatory thank you from the present recipient. Stickers and labels that help consumers demonstrate their appreciation may be the perfect choice for smaller items.

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