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10 Ideas to Improve Your Packaging


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10 Ideas to Improve Your Packaging

Last month, JoAnn Hines (known as the Packaging Diva) wrote an excellent article describing 10 ways to improve your packaging. Everyone involved in selling a product in a retail store should read this article. Sometimes we are so close to our own product it is difficult to take a step back and find ways to improve the labels and packaging. This article gives you many ideas to help you do just that.

My favorite idea she mentions is to visit a retail store and walk the aisles outside your product category looking for innovations that could be applied to your product. I am a big fan of adapting great ideas. There are so many great companies out there coming up with new and innovative packaging that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Check out the complete list and you are sure to come up with some ideas on how to improve your product packaging.