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Custom Window Decals, the Superior Alternative to Traditional Static Clings


Lightning Labels is pleased to announce that we have added custom-printed window decals to our product line.

Our custom printed window decals are an excellent alternative to traditional static clings. Why worry about static clings staying in place when our custom window decals are more durable and have an adhesive backing that ensures they stay put?

What Makes Our Window Decals Different

Ultra-Removable Adhesive Backing

Our custom printed window decals look and feel just like traditional static clings, but are backed with an ultra-removable adhesive. The addition of this adhesive ensures that your window decals will stay in place where you want them, and come off cleanly when you remove them. You will not have to worry about our custom window decals leaving behind any residue, as long as you apply it to a smooth, non-porous surface.


The ultra-removable adhesive is extremely durable. This adhesive is also UV resistant, making our window decals ideal for a variety of outdoor applications and storefront window installations.


Our window cling material is extremely flexible, making it possible to apply it to a variety of curved surfaces. They are repositionable, reusable, and do not ghost nor stain.


Our adhesive window cling material can be applied to the outside or inside of the window. It can be used on any smooth, nonporous surface including glass, plastic, mirrors, and metal surfaces such as painted steel.

It can be printed with a white base, giving it more of an opaque look that enhances the visibility of graphics, or printed with transparent inks that let more sunlight in when adhered to windows.

All of our custom printed window decals are die-cut. We can laminate them with either a matte or gloss finish. The gloss finish makes our window decals especially vibrant, setting them apart from many of our competitors’ window clings and window decals.

Wide Range of Applications

The number of applications for this extremely versatile product is only limited by your imagination. Our custom window clings can be used for everything from posting your hours of operation, accepted credit cards, special promotions, and holiday decorations on your storefront windows, to showing off your team spirit through custom-printed vehicle decals that won’t damage your vehicle like traditional stickers might.

Our window decals are perfect for applying to both glass and mirrored surfaces. The face stock of the material we use for our window decals is clear with excellent clarity. This material is also perfect for printing decorative window decals that can be repositioned and used again and again. Change them out with the seasons, or have decorative window decals custom printed that you can leave up year-round.

Remember, they are UV-treated, so you won’t have to worry about them fading and losing their attractiveness for quite a while. And just because they are called “window” decals doesn’t mean that their uses are limited to windows. They can be applied to virtually any clean, smooth surface. For instance, a savvy entrepreneur could order custom printed window decals and sell them in sets as decorative kitchen decals. Customers could use them to spice up their kitchen by applying them to canisters, non-heated appliances, tiles, and yes, windows. And when they were ready for a new look, they would simply change the decals.

Adhesive window decals can be leveraged in a variety of low-cost, effective branding and marketing initiatives. For example, they can be used to brand a fleet of company vehicles at a far cheaper cost than custom glass etching. They can even be used to brand company property. Adhesive custom window decals, for instance, make it possible to affordably brand your workers’ hard hats.

Or use adhesive custom printed window decals in place of permanent signage on storefront windows and doors. They are far more convenient to apply and more affordable than permanent signage that requires painting or glass etching. And, of course, they can be easily replaced or removed altogether without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

Please Note: The maximum size that we can print adhesive window decals is tabloid size, 11-by-17-inches.

Adhesive window decals can also be applied to the inside of vehicle windows. Typical vehicle applications for this material include vehicle service reminder stickers (i.e., oil change stickers), parking decals, school spirit decals, and sports team stickers.

Our adhesive static cling decals are also less likely to bubble than traditional static clings, will stay in place despite changes in weather, and require absolutely no water to apply.

This versatile material can also be used to advertise company services, telephone numbers, and websites when applied to rear windows. The possible applications for our adhesive window decal material are virtually limitless. The primary limitation to leveraging them for business applications is one’s imagination. With all these benefits, why would you consider ordering traditional static clings when you could have extra-durable, UV-coated, adhesive window decals that stay in place instead?

But don’t just take our word for it. Order one of our label sample packs so that you can judge the quality of our custom-printed adhesive window decals for yourself.

You may also wish to get one or more instant quotes for our window decals on our website. And of course, you can always email us with any questions, or call us toll-free at 1-888-685-2235.

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by ready to help you.

(Christy Correll)

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